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The therapy process is unique to each person. It is a personal job that will allow you to progress along the path you really want to achieve your goals. We will start with one or two evaluation sessions. We will seek to gather all the relevant information about the problem or problems that concern you and interfere with your daily life. Here are some clear, realistic and achievable goals for how to do psychological work. To do this, we will establish a customized plan adapted to you.

Integrative Therapy unifies different techniques to treat the person integrally in the affective, behavioral, cognitive and physiological plane, incorporating also the spiritual dimension of the life. To do this, it systematically and consistently combines tools of different currents such as psychodynamics, client-centered therapy, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, family therapy, gestalt therapy, body psychotherapies, object relations theories, and transactional analysis , All from a systemic perspective. Each of these approaches provides a partial explanation that is complemented when the psychotherapist selectively combines them and integrates them into their practice

The goal of integrative psychotherapy is to facilitate the person who recovers his balance, increasing his consciousness and moving away from pain, opening himself to new experiences. In this Psychology consultation you will find a confidential and quiet space with professionals in constant updating who work from the respect to offer you the best solutions adapted to your needs

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